We’d Love to Pay Your Excess

Why do we go this extra mile?

Helping to take care of your excess is all part of our commitment to superior service and is something we like to do for all of our customers.

Not many people realise that this is even possible, as they assume that 
their voluntary excess means that they will definitely be out of pocket to 
that amount.

Most of our customers are genuinely delighted when they realise that we can make this happen. Where possible, we can even supply you with a courtesy car, even if you don’t get one with your insurance cover.

Just ask us about getting your 
excess paid.

The blame game

Whether the accident was or wasn’t your fault, it doesn’t really matter. As the chances are we can help sort the problem of your excess, whatever the circumstances.
Even if you were completely at fault, don’t worry. Depending upon the amount of damage to the vehicle, we can work with you to cover all, or at least some, of the cost of your excess, which could mean that fixing your vehicle with ST Repairs won’t cost you a penny

But my insurance carries a large excess

It doesn’t matter how large or small your excess is and it also doesn’t matter which insurance company you’re with.
We promise you that it’s worth talking to us, as we have done this for delighted customer after delighted customer for over twenty years.

We’ll take the headache out of the whole thing

Hassle-free repairs start with your first call to us. 
If your vehicle’s damaged, call us and we’ll take the headache of dealing with the insurance company away. We have excellent relationships with the leading companies throughout the UK. Which means that we know how the whole system works.

Not only can we help you with your excess, the chances are that we can speed things along with the administration, quotes and repairs too.
So get in touch with us today and let us do all the work for you – it’s what we do best.

I didn’t realise that you could pick your own repair centre after a crash. A friend told me about ST Repairs and said they could pay my £500 excess, so I called them after my bump. They spoke with the insurance company for me, paid my excess and got my car looking like new. They even gave me a courtesy car to drive around in while I was waiting for the claim to be sorted. 

R Lloyd