Trust ST Repairs to get you back on the road again

For the last few decades we’ve been specialising in motorhome and caravan body and chassis repairs throughout the North West of England and Wales.

Your motorhome is very important to us too

We know what a huge part your motorhome or caravan plays in your life. It’s your home away from home and you’ll only want the very best professionals working on it. Which is why we’re proud to say that not only are we British Standard Kite Mark Approved, but we’re PAS 125 accredited too. Which means that you’re in the safest hands possible.

From our big ovens to our little touches

It’s because we do so many specialised motorhome and caravan repairs that we are perfectly set-up to deal with whatever damage you have.

We have two onsite commercial ovens, where we spray your motorhome, as well as a large workshop where all repairs are carried out. Plus we have excellent day-to-day relationships with parts suppliers that give us the extra advantage of obtaining unique items extremely quickly. We can even manufactured parts on site if required, all of which means that we get you back on the road as fast as we can.

We could even pay your excess too!

If you have your own insurance and the accident wasn’t your fault, then coming to ST Repairs could mean that we’ll pay your excess, depending upon the value of your repair and your policy details.

Just ask us about ‘EXCESS On US’ when you call.

on site if required, all of which means that we get you back on the road as fast as we can.

From natty-vintage to ultra-modern

We are able to repair any make or model of motorhome or caravan, with all work carried out by our expert teams. So no matter what the make, model or age of your motorhome, you can be sure that you are getting the very best service at a price that suits you.

From a little scratch to a big bash, put us on top of your list for a quotation.


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Habitation Service


Motorhome Habitation Service

From just £120.00

Not only does a Motorhome Habitation Service ensure that you and your loved ones are living in a safe environment, but it’s also a vital way of making sure that the little issues don’t turn into bigger expensive problems.

By spotting the small things early not only do you ensure that your motorhome is safe and nips future problems in the bud, but you will also be maintaining your warranty and avoiding possible future problems with insurance claims.

Thorough Checks

From as little as £120

An extensive annual Motorhome Habitation Service with ST Repairs will check all of the following and more:

Interior Bodywork including

  • Damp meter test
  • Checking floor for delamination
  • Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks & stays
  • Checking operation & condition of all window catches, stays & seals
  • Checking operation & security of all skylights, blinds & fly screens (adjust if required)
  • Check fixed ventilation openings for free flow of air

Water System and Appliances

This includes checking:

Operation & condition of water pump, pressure switch (adjust if required)
Check system housing
Taps & shower fittings
Overall condition of fresh & waste water pipes & fittings
Toilet condition including seal, blades & flush
Drain plug seal

Electrical Systems 240v

This includes checking:

Condition of inlet plug & hook up cable
Operation of RCD, MCB’s and earth bonding
Wiring, sockets & fixed connections
Battery charger

Electrical Systems 12v

This includes checking:

Wiring & fuses
Function of 12v fridge
Function of all 12v sockets
Condition of battery (clean & lubricate terminals if needed)

Function of all 12v lights

Fire and Safety

This includes checking:

Condition of smoke alarms

Every spring we get ST Repairs to give our motorhome a quick check up so we know it’s safe and reliable and ready to take us where we want to go. It’s worth every penny for the peace of mind and shows up any issues that would ruin our holiday.

V Crawford