Accident Repairs

Why You Matter

A crash, bash, scuff or dent

We’ve built a reputation for excellence over three decades and we are widely recognized as the premier auto repair center in the North West.

Whatever damage your car’s sustained, we’re here to help sort everything out. We can deal direct with your insurance company and in many cases we can get you up to £500 CASH-BACK from your policy, or we could even pay your excess for you.

We’ll even get you back on the road in one of our courtesy cars, whilst we sort the damage to your vehicle out.

If you’re looking for a professional, trusted and speedy service, with a proven track record that has delivered thousands of happy customers over the last thee decades, then call us today and experience the ST Repairs difference for yourself.

How would you like us to pay your excess?

 If you have your own insurance and the accident wasn’t your fault, then coming to ST Repairs could mean that we’ll pay your excess, depending upon the value of your repair and your policy details.

Just ask us about ‘EXCESS On US’ when you call.

Here’s how the whole thing works

7 steps to perfection


The Damage

Accidents happen and there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Let’s just get your car sorted out and looking like it’s just been driven out of the showroom for the first time. It doesn’t matter if it’s major damage, a scuff or some internal cosmetic work to things like the dashboard or interior trims. Every car gets treated the same, because every car is someone’s pride and joy and frankly when you hand your car over to someone to fix things, you want to know that they are going to love it like it’s there own.


The Insurance Call

Awkward calls to insurance companies can be stressful to say the least. So why not let us take care of that for you? We’ve been an insurance repair specialist for decades and we have great working relationships with all the major insurance companies. Which means that we talk their language and can often get things moving faster.
Don’t forget to ask us about claiming up to £500 CASH-BACK. So whilst we’re fixing your car, you can be thinking about how you might like to spend the cheque you’ll get!


The Quote

We hate surprises, but we love happy customers. Which is why nothing gets done until we’ve shown you exactly what all of the costs will be. No hidden extras and no nasty surprises! That way your insurance company can sign things off before any of the work starts. Or, if you are not claiming on your insurance, you’ll know to the penny how much the total job will cost.


The Recovery

If you’re within a 40 mile radius of us and your vehicle can’t be driven, then we’ll come and collect it from wherever it happens to be, free of charge. If however you’re further away, but still want the best for your car and money (and who would blame you), then call us and we’ll give you a quote for coming out and picking your vehicle up.


The Courtesy Car

If you’re leaving your car with us, then we can provide you with a courtesy car to run around in, whilst we get yours back on the road. Plus we’ll do our best to match you with a similar size courtesy car to the one you’re used to driving.


The Magic

We have a state of the art workshop where all the magic happens. Everything is done on site at ST Repairs, from the mechanical work, wheel alignments and tyre fitting right through to the bodywork repairs and the spraying of your vehicle in one of our large specialist commercial ovens. That way we can make sure that every single aspect of all the repairs are carried out to our exacting standards.


The Pick-Up

The pick-up
Once your car is fixed and has been through our rigorous checking procedure, we’ll give you a call and hand it back to you on time, on budget and in absolutely perfect condition. Just be careful how you go, but you know where we are if you need us again.

Thank you very much for the excellent work you carried out to repair my Astra and for the unbelievable fast turn around ( Picked up 09:15 Saturday and returned to me at 13:00 the following Friday ) Excellent, professional service from your staff. Thank you once again.

Myfor Jones